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Our customers know what you can do and what you want. Success in ever-growing markets requires a constant adaptation of your SAP IT to fit the requirements of business growth.

We will help you optimize your SAP Performance.


CSE IT Consulting

Thanks to the quickest and most effective measuring methods possible, we are able to detect paths critical to performance. On the basis of sophisticated Data Analytics, we determine unused potentials and reveal possibilities for optimization. On this basis we adjust your company to meet the expectations of the future.



Our principles are very simple: more speed, more capacity, more success.

Performance Bottlenecks - Performance Metric - Performance Measurement

This is not technical jargon for us. We have been dealing with current developments in the SAP area on a daily basis for many years and have made it our task to be able to assess tomorrow today already. Systematic, multi-dimensional performance measurements on all levels let us know how, where, when and why measures have to be taken so that SAP performance does not hinder you in your way into a growth-oriented future. A complex search for structures critical to performance and the detection of
faulty processes enables us to configure their maximum performance. We want your SAP Performance to meet your company’s performance demands of tomorrow today already. Because it is only when all processes in a company have the efficiency, quality and performance that it needs, that our customers will be successful.


SAP Performance Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) offers considerably more possibilities with simple and quickly available visualizations already today, as compared to only a few years ago. However, BI in itself is only the first configuration level on the path to SAP Performance Advanced Analytics.

The next level is called Data Mining: Algorithms search your existing data for patterns that no human would be able to detect. From these findings, considerably more reliable prognoses can be derived – for example for future production utilization. But also marketing and sales profit from more precise customer scoring, a more detailed customer segmentation and purchase analysis which will allow for better conclusions on future demand.

Self-learning analysis algorithms enable you to generate precise prognoses from existing data.

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