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CSE is the SAP performance expert for all SAP-based software products (SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP HANA, R/3, BI/BW, Oracle, Netweaver, ERP, software processes, etc.) any databases, systems of all kinds - on premise, cloud, virtualized - etc.

We have developed a software that finds the causes of performance problems as well as the possibilities for optimization extremely quickly and extremely effectively.
Using rapid, powerful measurement techniques, this software enables us to detect all optimization possibilities and performance bottlenecks in record time.
Your SAP software, application server, databases, network, storage, cloud, VM ware etc. will be screened at top speed and those "Big DATA" measured values ​​will be analyzed.
In this way we are able to deliver maximum performance in the shortest possible time.
We take over your SAP performance management, regardless of whether you operate an ERP on SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, BW on SAP HANA, BW/4HANA or other application under SAP: we support you in achieving maximum performance of your application and SAP HANA database.



CSE IT Consulting

Therefore, we have prepared various service packages, which we can also put together for you individually, depending on the number of your systems and application servers (instances):

Examples of application areas:

Service A - Parameter Check:
You have installed a new SAP system (with e.g. a HANA database/network/operating system Linux or Unix derivative) and now you have to configure your system correctly and set it optimally.

Service B - Performance Quick Check:
You would like to know whether your system is working correctly, whether optimizations might be worthwhile for you and how high your optimization potential is. With our Performance Quick Check we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the overall performance.

Service C - Performance HPG - High Performance Gathering - complete:
You have performance problems, but you do not know what the reason could be. You have guesses, but the real cause is unclear. We are guaranteed to find the cause for you.

Service D - Maximum HANA Performance:
You have an SAP HANA database and expected better performance. We bring your SAP HANA database to maximum performance.

Service E - Monitoring Performance HPG - High Performance Gathering:
You are a growing company (user user numbers and database growth, etc.) and you have problems again and again. Nobody knows where they come from, or you have sporadic critical performance bottlenecks and want long-term support to be able to react in time and always get the best and optimal performance out of the system for your company.
You can save costs that would otherwise be expensive to invest in new hardware.

Service F - Life Sizing:
You want to invest in new hardware. This is expensive. Especially in the SAP HANA area, the license linked to the hardware (main memory = database memory) is very expensive. We will advise you competently and holistically.
Your budgets are spared by precisely analysing exact values from your past (angle alpha, data growth), your current as-is situation and your future planning in user numbers / database. From this we calculate exactly your demand for the next 2, 3 and 5 years. This ensures that you do not spend more budget on hardware and software licenses than you actually need.

Parameter Check 1 PT  
Performance Quick Check 2 PT  
Performance HPG complete
10 PT

depending on effort - in consultation with the customer

Maximum HANA Performance
10 PT

depending on effort - in consultation with the customer

Monitoring Performance HPG 5 PT  
Life Sizing 5-10 PT

depending on effort - in consultation with the customer


The whole thing is carried out in 4 phases: we measure, analyse and then discuss the best measures and possibilities with you together.

You can also book SAP Performance Management via the Monitoring Service over a longer period of time to support you. And should a problem occur, we can find the real cause relatively quickly. You can also book this as a regular check and regular optimization, so that you can always guarantee the best performance of your systems.


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