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Performance Optimization means saving costs. Why?
With a high-performance system, no new system is required. An investment can be postponed and therefore the old system can be used longer.

However, if an investment in a new system is still necessary, an effective Post Life Sizing of the next 5 years would be beneficial. Why?
With an optimally configured system in combination with our system measurements, we can calculate a new system for you, that is more cost-effective and saves licenses.

At this point, savings of 1-14 million EUR are possible in the next 5 years. How?
One call is enough – our experts will advise you competently in one of our telephone conferences.


SAP Performance Optimization

The CSE is the SAP performance expert for all SAP-based software products (SAP S/4 HANA, SAP BW/4 HANA, SAP HANA, R/3, BI/BW, Oracle, NetWeaver, ERP, software processes etc.), any databases, systems of all kinds – on premise, cloud, virtualized – etc. 
We have developed a software that finds the causes of performance problems as well as the possibilities for SAP Performance optimization extremely quickly and extremely effectively.  
Using rapid, powerful measurement techniques (collecting Data, Data gathering -> create Big DATA), this software enables us to detect all optimization possibilities (SAP Performance Optimization) and performance bottlenecks in record time.              Your SAP software, application server, databases, network, storage, cloud, VM ware etc. are scanned at top speed and these "Big DATA" measured values ​​are analyzed. This enables us to deliver the maximum performance to you in the shortest possible time.

SAP HANA Performance Management

The analysis is carried out using intelligence approaches, business intelligence (BI).
We take over your SAP Performance Management, regardless of whether you run an ERP on SAP HANA, SAP S / 4HANA, SAP BW on SAP HANA, BW / 4HANA or any other application under SAP: we support you in achieving maximum performance of your application and SAP HANA database. The measurements generate Big DATA, as we record 200 dimensions every 15 seconds. "Big DATA" is often used as a collective term for digital technologies that are seen as technically responsible for a new era of digital communication and processing and socially responsible for a societal change.

The term as a keyword is subject to constant change; it is also often an additional description of the complex of technologies used to collect and evaluate these data sets.

SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI)

Business Intelligence (shortcut BI) is a term to be assigned to information technology, which describes procedures and processes for the systematic analysis of the own enterprise. This includes the collection, evaluation and presentation of data in electronical form. We have BI tools to boost your BW on HANA or BW/4HANA systems to maximum performance.

The aim is to gain information from the available data in the company to support management decisions. The evaluation of data - concerning the own company, the competitors or the market development is done with the use of analytical concepts and more or less specialized software and IT systems. With the knowledge gained, the company can improve the success of its business processes as well as its customer and supplier relationships; aspects of this can be cost reduction, risk reduction and value creation. With the knowledge gained, the company can improve the success of its business processes as well as its customer and supplier relationships; aspects such as cost reduction, risk reduction and value creation can be taken into account.

By using Business Intelligence we analyze the collected data (Data Gathering) and achieve fast analysis results through new AI algorithms (Artificial Intelligence), which are important in the evaluation of mass data -> Big DATA, in order to achieve intelligent (Business Intelligence) fast analysis results. A BI system is also called data warehouse. In the context of SAP, this is called SAP BW (Business Warehouse) or SAP BO (Business Objects), also known as BOBJ for short.

SAP HANA Database

The SAP HANA database is the most requested performance database. The HANA database is an In Memory technology. What is the big advantage?
Answer: Performance!

The SAP HANA database is subject to strict hardware requirements. Only certified hardware partners are allowed to offer HANA-certified systems.
The SAP HANA IN memory databases have to be tested with a best practice sizing procedure in order to calculate a 5-year optimal performing system from the company data of the past (historical data) and the data from the present, post life sizing data as well as the planned data.

The task of our SAP HANA Sizing is to evaluate user numbers, new SAP products, database growth, etc., the angle alpha (calculated from the historical data) and the angle beta (calculated from the planned data) and the supporting point of the current data and to create a so-called life sizing. This guarantees a maximum HANA performance for your company for the next 5 years.

SAP HANA, SAP HANA Sizing, the HANA database of SAP, is an IN MEMORY database. An in-memory database (IMDB) is a database management system that uses the working memory of a computer as data storage. This distinguishes it from conventional database management systems that use hard disk drives. The main memory of a computer offers much higher access speeds than hard drive space and the algorithms for access are simpler.

Therefore, in-memory databases are much faster and their access times are more predictable than those of database management systems accessing hard drives. However, memory is much more expensive than hard drive space.

SAP Full Service Solutions

For this purpose, we also offer you full service solutions; Multi Temperature (HOT, WARM, COLD, Frozen DATA), Performance Optimization, Housekeeping, Nearline Storage (NLS), Sybase IQ, PBS, Hadoop (SAP HANA Vora connection from Hadoop to SAP HANA) and much more. With a 6 Terabytes HANA system you could save up to 14 million EUR in 5 years. We show you your customized concept between savings potential and maximum performance.
Remark: With a 1 Terabytes system a saving potential of up to 1 million EUR in 5 years is possible.

 CSE SAP Performanceoptimierung

We offer BW Consulting in the new SAP BW/4HANA systems. In the backend we design your data models, your data management in consideration of optimal performance, so that your BI tools "run" at optimal speed. The therefore required BW consultants can be offered remotely, on site or on demand at a reasonable price and work on your applications in a targeted and fast way. SAP BASIS experts check whether all your necessary performance parameters are optimally configured on the SAP BW side and the SAP HANA database side.

SAP Data Mining

Data Mining is an essential component of our algorithms in order to identify bottlenecks quickly and efficiently and to locate your processes in the data warehouse as well as in ERP, SAP S/4HANA and to set them optimally under SAP HANA Sizing with an optimal configuration on operating system level Parameter Check as well as HANA database parameter level (global.ini, Indexserver.ini etc.), SAP HANA LOG and LOCK area in maximum performance.

Data mining is the systematic application of statistical methods to large data sets (especially "Big DATA" or mass data) with the purpose of identifying new cross-links and trends. Due to their size, such data stocks are processed using computer-based methods.

In practice, the sub term data mining has been applied to the entire process of so-called "Knowledge Discovery in Databases" (KDD), which also includes operations such as pre-processing and evaluation, whereas data mining in the narrower sense only refers to the actual processing stage of the process.


CSE SAP Consulting

Our SAP Service Solutions are ocused solutions with proven consulting strategies and software modules, which we can offer you as a "package solution".

The advantages of SAP Consulting Solutions: complete cost control, a clearly defined timeframe and a return on investment (ROI) that has already been proven in other projects.

SAP Consulting Solutions are not static products. They are continually being developed and individually adapted. SAP Service Solutions are available for:

CSE SAP Consulting

We also advise you conceptionally in the system and architecture areas:


We are your qualified partner in all subjects concerning performance, maximum performance, conceptual design and sizing.

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